13 February, 2002

( 10:23 PM )
Drive-by blog tonight, just to explain that “random thoughts” began to sound very unoriginal and uninteresting as soon as I typed it into Blogger. So I switched the title to something more specifically congruent to me, a Greek teacher, theologian, web big-mouth, and second broom on the JOHO curling team. “Doxa” would be either “opinion,” “received opinion,” so that “para doxa” would mean “contrary to received opinion” (hence “paradox”); the preposition “peri” can mean “around” (as in “periscope,” for looking around) or “concerning.” “Peri doxas” then might be “concerning received opinion” or “concerning glory,” depending on what I’m talking about.


Our son Josiah is on his way to Sri Lanka–we won’t have a report from him till about twenty hours from now. He promised to blog as often as he could. Is this the twenty-first century or what?

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