12 February, 2002

( 3:33 PM )
Lest anyone doubt that one of the dimensions of my identity, one of the circles in my Venn diagram (I owe that metaphor to an essay Margaret Adam wrote, due recognition here offered), includes the work of a parish priest, another blogger caught me in the act. Jim McGee, of Christ Church Winnetka and of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, has now heard me pontificate both in person, on the gospel, and in virtuum, on stuff related to truth, identity, and corporate website design.
His comment on my sermon — “Good stuff” — may seem concise to the point of dismissiveness, but if you knew Jim McGee as well as I do (that is, I received his email and glanced at his website) you’d be able to tell at a glance that that’s just his way of saying, “Savonarola, move over! That sermon was spectacular!”
Anyway, I’m going to be looking out for him two weeks from now, when I go back to Winnetka.


I want to repeat what I blogged yesterday in my almost-asleep haze, drawing the nearly-exhausted thread on identity to what is probably the “Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead” Phase of the conversation. I don’t care; I liked it, and I want to bring it around again.

This is me. This is what I’m like when you can’t see my face, or hear my voice, but can make out the words I’m scrawling on your computer screen and can tell from the color scheme and logo* that I teach at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.

Whether I seem authentic or not, whether you want to buy anything I might sell you or not, when you look at me through this address, this is who I am. Kinda pale, with black spots, and a purple tattoo. Hmmm.


* In an earlier version, this blog had a purple-and-white theme, with the emblem of the former Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.

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