It’s Alive!!

Yesterday Bruce resolved the problems that our upgrade had caused Seabury’s Moveable Type infrastructure, so when you all fired up your browsers this morning and went to the Seabury website you saw our new design.

Oh, and I hereby tag this entry with the Techn.icio.ickr tag “SWTS”. I’m going to tag the Seabury flickr site’s photos with “SWTS” too. Seaburians — and I am given to understand that some of you read this page — tag Seabury-relevant images and posts with the “SWTS” tag, and the Web will find them and draw them together.

“Tagging — it makes David happy.” Isn’t that reason enough? (So now I have to tag this entry with “” and “,” too.)

7 thoughts on “It’s <em>Alive!!</em>

  1. It still dowsn’t display correctly in IE. The logo/picture shows up below all of the text.

    Looks fine in Firefox. Haven’t tried the old Netscrape.

  2. Good catch, Wes. I believe this is a symptom of the IE box model problem, which we can remedy by installing Tantek’s famous box model hack.

    If anyone who really understands these properties is available to walk me through it, I’d appreciate some hand-holding; otherwise, I’ll try to do it myself sometime.

  3. Another good catch!

    This one derives from limitations in MT’s implementation of categories. We — as many other site developers — had expected that we could with relatively little effort construct different templates for the different categories of posts. It’s a no-brainer from the site developer’s side, but evidently it’s more complicated than that for SixApart, who otherwise move mountains, convert water into Jolt!, and weave new dimensions of the Web in which we design and write and have our being.

    Once we get the loose boards nailed down, we’ll go in and do the work with plug-ins and regexes that we need to tailor the categories appropriately. As a pro tem hack, I increased the number of “recent news” titles the generic category-list displays. If someone has advice, better ideas than Jon, intimations of up-coming versions that render Category hacks otiose, please let me know.

  4. I hope that the IE-thing-y explains why the new website is not so very navigatable for me (the only feasible alternative is my lack of techno-sophistication).

    That said, where can we get a copy of the Biblical Theology syllabus (either for the spring or from a prior year)? I’m working in the library and 2 people in 10 minutes (I wouldn’t joke about something so serious) have asked for it!

  5. If you give me specifics about what’s not navigating, I’ll get to work on it. And you may have a syllabus (from a while back — I’ll be changing it some) as soon as I get to a printer.

  6. It might be good to turn off comments on the faculty bios. Yours looks kind of odd with the comment that “A. Student” posted.

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