3 thoughts on “It’s The Latest Thing From Katmandu

  1. And in today’s news, Nepal launches it’s first low-earth orbit satellite. On the down side the kings head was stuck in the device at the time of launch, and it is still uncertain as to whether he has survived.

  2. A friend emailed me that image with the (inappropriate) caption of:

    “King Gyanendra of Nepal, wearing the most ridiculous hat in the history of the universe, dismissed the nation’s government
    today and declared a state of emergency.¬† “Not to worry,” he went on to say, “because my crown honors every possible
    deity or demon ever¬†recognized by mankind, including Chuck Norris’s¬†’Delta Force,’ the exalted nation of Nepal will continue
    to be smiled upon by, at the very least, one God.”¬†

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