A Bit of Toronto

My sweetheart gave me a Father’s Day gift of the Toronto Subway typeface that we had admired so much, and I — in delighted gratitude, and as a reminder of the glorious time we had in Accordion City, the home of the Flackster PR excellence — redesigned my banner.

I had meant to complete my “why I am not a liberal (theologian)” entry and perhaps even comment on the goings-on in Nottingham (ably cartooned by Dave Walker), but life intervened.

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Toronto

  1. It suits you. Looks very lovely next to the Hoopoe.

    Funny how, sometimes, what is beautiful in one’s own neighbourhood never really jumps out until a visitor’s eye reveals it.

    “Never saw the morning till I stayed up all night
    Never saw the sunshine till I turned out the light
    Never saw my home town till I stayed away too long
    I never heard the melody till I needed the song…”

  2. Oh man…I grew up in Toronto, but haven’t lived there for coming on twenty years. You have no idea how evocative that typeface is. Even if you hadn’t mentioned TO, I could have picked it out of a line up.

    Wow. I can imagine my trip from Davisville to downtown now going through St. Clair, Summerhill, Rosedale, Random Thoughts, Bloor, Wellsley, College, Dundas….AKMA as the lost station in Hog’s Hollow!

    Put a lump in my throat there.

    *Insert profound oberservations on the power of design etc etc.*

  3. Chris, that’s exactly why I care about design. If only all the areas in which we labor could perceive the power of excellence in design. . . .

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