No Snowman Just Falcons

For the second year, a family of peregrine falcons has nested at the top of one of the brick columns of the Evanston Public Library. The library staff has set up a FalconCam that uploads a picture of the nest every two minutes during daylight library hours. We’ve become falcon junkies; Margaret and I trade messages several times a day, noting exciting developments, checking for the adult birds’ presence, observing the personalities of the fledglings. . . .

1 thought on “No Snowman Just Falcons

  1. Hi. I am in Evanston and try to go see my babies every day. I took pictures yesterday, from just a few feet away. They were hatched, it is thought, sometime between May 10th-16th, and will fly SOON. Sorry you can’t see them on the cam, as 2 have jumped 6 feet down to a lower and larger platform, but one remains up top, albeit on the outer ledge, not in the “scrape”. I’ve been unable to catch a feeding (darn!) but have seen the adults. The babies’ downy fluff is fast disappearing and I will be sad when they go. I can try to send you some pictures….Erica

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