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Two Three only-slightly-related points, one a question and one an answer and one a link.

Q: Seabury’s stalwart Director of Communications would like a gentle, clear, informative tutor to help walk her through the process of learning how to make the most of Seabury’s MT installation, CSS, and so on. We can’t pay exorbitant consulting fees, but someone who’s casting about to make ends meet, or on parental leave, or retired with megabucks at the height of the dot-com boom and feels charitable, would be a great helper as we try to enhance our use of the web. Is this you?

A (specific to Mac OS X users): I use GraphicConverter for most light image-file management purposes, but I usually switch to Photoshop for more interesting, heavy-duty file effects. People with OS X 10.4 (Tiger) who rely on GRaphic Converter or iPhoto may want to take a serious look at BeLight’s freeware Image Tricks app, which uses the Core Image capacities built-in to Tiger in order to produce slick, simple Gaussian blurs, unsharp masks, and various color-balancing, image-manipulating goodies. They say it integrates with iPhoto; I’m not much of an iPhoto user, so I wouldn’t know. It’s very handy, and quite free, though — which I applaud and call to your attention.

L: I’m usually resistant to check-it-out links in my comments, but Hugh won me over with his LibriVox project — a more-experienced, better-organized, longer-view version of the Lessig read-a-thon barn-raising. I’d jump right in to read a chapter myself, but we’re working on audio files for Disseminary use, and I have one or two other overdue obligations. But here’s a link to you, Hugh, with best wishes for the project. Go help him out!

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  1. Core Image Fun House, which comes with Tiger in /Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/ (if you install the Developer Tools) is pretty much the same thing, though maybe BeLight added a bell or whistle or two.

  2. hey akma, thanks for the plug. you know your lessig project was the twig in my brain that’s been bugging me for a while, and finally figured out a plausible way to extend the idea. let’s see where it goes!


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