Rough Cut

I recorded the talk I gave at the CBA meeting on my snazzy Olympus WS-200S digital voice recorder, which I got for the Disseminary on the strength of recommendations from a column at O’Reilly and from Lorna “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” White. I’ve trimmed off David Penchansky’s laudatory opening and the closing q-and-a session; I may re-edit the file subsequently (break it down into smaller chunks, whatever), but for now I’m just posting the unpolished audio below.

The talk draws heavily on the version I presented earlier this year at Seabury, though I had a little more time for this one; I omitted a part at the beginning, thanking everyone for everything, and added a section at the end, giving reasons for adopting the terminology of “signifying practices.”

“Do This”: Translating, Re-Presenting, and Signifying New Testament Theology (23.7 meg — watch out)

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