Triumphant Farewell

Josiah made his farewell to the Evanston stage, and to the Thin Ice theater group, in a compelling performance as Tom in The Glass Menagerie Friday and Saturday nights. All four actors did a very impressive job; Thin Ice actors have consistently shown admirable insight into roles and situation more “adult” than one would have expected for a group of high schoolers, much to the credit of Eileen Rosenthal and Paula Sjogerman, their directors.

I don’t have time for an expansive review, nor the impartiality for a reliable one, but I was proud and impressed by the production. I had a conversation with a more sophisticated blogger before I went, in which I had to confess that I just don’t know the Tennessee Williams oeuvre that well. This production introduced me to the style and themes I expected from Williams, but with a fine hand for the humanity of the characters involved. Cheers all around, and anyone who lives in convenient distance of Marlboro College dramatic productions, keep an eye out for Si.

I’d say “He’s a keeper,” but this is the time for us to let him go — with love and pride and our warmest blessings.

2 thoughts on “Triumphant Farewell

  1. We took Mackenzie to Miss. State U yesterday. It was a tough day. Harder than I thought it would be. She’s about a 4 hour drive (one way) and we did it all in one day, up and back. Excited for her…and scared to death….and very sad. I guess it’s ok to be very sad and very proud during these special times?

  2. Brother, all I know is that this feels a lot different from droppinng Nate off in Rochester when the rest of the family was continuing onward in that big Dodge Caravan.

    Margaret and Pippa are off on the east coast, and once Si leaves I’ll be entirely alone here — a very eerie change from what I’m accustomed to.

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