I’m having a slow Monday, not intensely productive. On the plus side, I broke the back of my fall syllabus, learned a little bit about imposition and PDFs, and published Chapter Sixteen (“The Incarnation”) of Theological Outlines (admit it, you were looking forward to that one; I like the section entitled “The Convenience of the Incarnation”).

On the minus side, I didn’t accomplish much else. Yet. Maybe after I go buy groceries, I’ll feel more motivated.

1 thought on “Monday

  1. Especially this bit ….

    The mediation of the Son has to do with all creation, in which it is the Father’s eternal purpose that He shall have the preeminence. Howbeit man is the microcosm, whose nature recapitulates the macrocosm or larger world, and in whose fortunes the progress of all things is involved. His fall retarded creation’s advance, and his recovery constitutes the condition of remedy‚Äîof the redemption of creation at large. It is therefore fitting that the redemptive operation of God upon the disordered universe should be achieved through the taking of human nature by the Redeemer.

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