1 thought on “Arrrr! Don’t Ye Be Forgettin’ This, Ye Rascals

  1. For your musical edification … taken from the Anglican Musicians listserve ….
    > How about some appropriate music for the feast? There must be a
    > Missa super Blow The Man Down by somebody.

    Here’s my belated contribution as the day winds to its end: the mayhem
    unleashed on last year’s Last Night of the Proms during the Henry Wood
    Sea Chanties arrangements!

    Interesting that in the late 80’s, some of the wags in the Gregorian
    Singers (Minneapolis) were fantasizing about a “Pirate Compline” – “The
    Larrrd almit’ye grant us a parrrrfect rrrest and peas at the last,
    Arrrrh!” or some such….

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