International David Weinberger Day

Today Pippa and I heard David Weinberger’s commentary on All Things Considered (she came running downstairs and said, “Dad, David Weinberger was just on the radio!” I, thankfully, had already been listening) (no link yet). And he was renewed for another year of fellowhood at the Berkman Center (along with David Isenberg). Then, too, he’s releasing a new issue of his online newsletter with no recycled content. Tasty, minty fresh, and provocative — a trifecta of Weinbergerian wisdom!

2 thoughts on “International David Weinberger Day

  1. Thank you, but I’d prefer “Talk Like David Weinberger Day” in which people issue little sound bites that provide three minutes of minty goodness until you realize they actually don’t mean anything.

    Arrrrr, matey!

  2. I’ve had remarkable luck of late. I wrote a blog post about piracy on September 19th and only noticed, as I went to post it, that it was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And then, without even meaning to, I managed to celebrate International David Weinberger Day in the best way possible – hanging out with David Weinberger. This suggests that tomorrow is likely to be “International catch up on all the work you’ve failed to do so far this week Day”…

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