Back At You, Tutor

On a different topic — my Tutor’s link to me reminds me that I’ve been meaning to consult him about the promotional campaign for Forth & Towne a new Gap-owned chain of women’s clothing stores (remember when you went to the Gap to buy blue jeans, and pretty much only blue jeans?).

You won’t see this on the website (right now), but they mailed to prospective customers in Chicagoland a pink-and-grey PR brochure that includes the following frightening blandishments:

“It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about being inspired. It’s about being indulgent.”

“Develop a fetish for leisure time. . . .” “Show up with an entourage. . . .” “Commit random acts of indulgence. . . . It’s about treating yourself to an experience in shopping where you are the center of attention. Isn’t it about time?”

I have a hard time keeping track of the staff at Wealth Bondage (though if I recall correctly, Captain Blowtorch is always keeping track of me), but this operation would seem to pertain to several of the castmembers of that World. The unabashed stench of sweet self-obsession cries out for the kind of counteragent only the Tutor’s bitter medicine can deploy.

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