Quality of Mercy

A relentless string of natural disasters is assailing humanity, of which the Katrina-Rita combination turns out to be the least catastrophic. Hurricane Stan in Mexico and Guatemala, the earthquake in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, oblige our sympathies, our help, every bit as much as when disaster strikes closer to home. I would be heartbroken if it turned out that we who called for aid from all around the world — and who accepted aid from regions now stricken with even greater miseries — were too preoccupied with local problems to hear the cries of our sisters and brothers who need us more desperately than ever.

It’s easy to make a contribution to Episcopal Relief and Development.

2 thoughts on “Quality of Mercy

  1. In fact within 12 hours millions plus helicopters plus medical supplies were on their way, and much has already arrived. Ironic that Bushy-tail can help non-americans so quickly. It would be a shame after all if the Pakistanis got mad with us for ignoring them!

  2. I’m curious, have you read Philip Goodchild’s _Capitalism and Religion: The Price of Piety_? Though it is true that we need to hear and respond to the cries of those who are suffering from these environmental disasters, I wonder what needs to be down to help turn them around.

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