Still Here

No, I haven’t vanished into the ether; I’ve just been alternating between trying hard to work productively (not that successfully) and trying to rest up so that I could work more productively. My back is flaring up, too.

On the good news front, Rosh Hashanah has come; l’shanah tovah, may you all be inscribed for a good year. My beloved Margaret passed her grad-school German exam mit Fliegenfarben, and my Early Church History class has responded well to their readings. Pip is doing well with Hope and Beth, and Katie has been doing marvelous work whipping our house into shape. Now, I just have to step up and match all this good work with some effective labor of my own.

To Do, As of Today

Finish preface for Winslow Lectures book, keep up with my class in Early Church History, write out my presentation for the SBL meeting (“ ’He Set Himself in the Order of Signs’: Exegesis Signifying Theology”), keep up with the Introduction to the Bible class I’m leading at St Luke’s, prepare for the Sunday Lectionary Introduction I’ll be leading in a couple of weeks, work out two book reviews, referee an essay, and prepare the sermon for Jane’s ordination. Oh, and pay bills and send in a bunch of miscellaneous forms. Highest priority: being present to and responsible for Pippa. Next highest: the preface, followed closely by the SBL paper and the refereeing. I have a few bloggable ideas, but they fall by the wayside for now.


After spending the morning in the ATR board meeting, and then feeding Pippa and trundling her downtown to get her hair cut, then back homeward to get to Game Day with Heather, I tried to get some work done this afternoon — to no avail. I think I’ll just go to bed early tonight and try for tomorrow.

Of course, we have church tomorrow morning and an ordination tomorrow evening, but if I rest well there may be a chunk of afternoon time to work in.