All But The Shopping

The annual meeting is pretty much complete, except for the Tuesday-morning “it’s on sale, it’s such a bargain, I really ought to read it” impulse purchases at the book display. My response to Dale’s paper went well, but it’s on my computer, not Margaret’s (which I’m using to compose this, since our hotel makes you pay for wireless per CPU); I’ll blog it as soon as I can get a signal.

Margaret’s response yesterday went very well (the scholar who invited her was delighted), and we’ve been to numerous wonderful parties. Sadly, my metabolism is not what it once was (I almost titled this post, “Too old to SBL, to young to die”) — my feet are swollen and weary, my digestive system rebelled against me this afternoon, and staying awake at parties gets harder every year. Still, the joy of seeing Margaret incresingly at home in her own professional milieu at the meeting strengthened my weak hands and made firm ny feeble knees.

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