Somewhere Else

Greetings from the heterotopia. Last night I greeted Adam and Sarah in the hotel; I saw Chris Spinks and Tyler WIlliams; the session I chaired this morning on Walter Moberly’s book Prophecy and Discernment went well, and Jason showed up for it; Margaret and I had a pleasant visit toward midday, where we ran into Derek and his wife; this afternoon I was among the author-guests who skulked around the Baker-Brazos book display to promote their fall line to biblical-theological fashions (“Now, coming down the ramp, is AKMA, showing a spin on the Birmingham School’s analysis of signifying practices — trendy and oh-so-comfortable on the Day of Judgment. Next, see. . . .”). Tonight, dinner with alums of the Wabash Center Greek Teachers colloquium, then the receptions for Princeton Seminary and for Duke.

Feet sore, legs weary, thumb sensitive — but a good conference, no matter what.

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