Granted that word-for-word matching isn’t the cardinal characteristic of good translation, wouldn’t it be fair to translate dipsychos as “half-hearted”? It gets at the sense of divided sentiments better in colloquial English than does “double-minded,” which sounds more like multiple personality disorder to me.

Just Wondering

If a 4Gb iPhone costs $500 with phone technology in its guts, how much would a unit cost without the phone innards? A wide-screen, wifi-enabled, web-browsing, email-checking, video-watching, touch-screen-interfacing iPod (and gateway device to the phone version)? Cause it sounds to me as though they’d sell a zillion of them.

Two Stops

Yesterday’s activities included two special destinations. First, we dropped Josiah and Laura off at Midway Airport for their trip to visit Laura’s folks at their summer home; since we were in the neighborhood, we took Pippa to Springfield-in-Chicago, the local Kwik-E-Mart: where we gawked at the remade convenience store and chuckled at the clever Simpsons…

By Request

Aretê Krista pointed my attention to the Karaoke Cowboy tape by the late Slim the Drifter, and I’ve been listening to it appreciatively. There’s so very much recorded music flooding our environment — I wonder how the music bloggers manage to listen to anything more than once, just at the level of raw time-consumption; I’ve…


If you want graphical ornaments for a page layout, head over to Briar Press’s Cuts & Caps section. These are EPS files, not typefaces or jpgs, but most of the page layout apps I know of — in deed, most contemporary word processors — handle EPS.

What Dreams May Come

I keep a fortune-cookie slip in my wallet. It reads, “Your dream will come true when you least expect it.” Let’s bracket, for the moment, the question of whether there’s any sane reason to take fortune-cookie slips seriously; we know there isn’t, and we know that we do anyway. What’s the effect of being told…

What Film Is This?

Last night Margaret and I spontaneously went to see Ocean’s Thirteen after dinner. We enjoyed it, though I’d have appreciated slightly more intensity to the concluding twists. I like just sitting around watching George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and their friends look stylish and ingenious. On our way out, Margaret wondered what the movie was for…

Be My Guest

Anyone out there interested in beta-testing Skitch (requires Mac 10.4.6 or later)? It certainly looks like an interesting alternative approach to photo treatment and sharing to Flickr; high emphasis on client-side editing and annotation, without server-side interaction. Intriguingly different strengths, though.

Simultaneous Tennis

I used to play chess, long ago (as Dennis Fischman, my teammate, reminded me last winter!), in which endeavor one of the celebrated events is the “simultaneous exhibition.” A strong chess player can examine and understand games well enough to play on numerous simultaneously (one by one, to be exact). I have enough difficulty playing…

Further Faces

I haven’t checked to see if Font Sugar has these, but the faces that Jos Buivenga makes available at exljbris would make admirable candidates for the sans-family or serif-family faces for your collection. (If only Tallys were expanded to a complete family. . . .)

Telling The Difference

During my morning stroll through bookmarks, blogrolls, and RSS streams, I came to this set of pictures of a 7-Eleven redecorated to match the Kwik-E-Mart from The Simpsons TV series (in preparation for the movie, I suppose). (Link via Jason.) I post the link here because of the comments on this picture. “Gotsomeideas” says, “It…

Made to Stick

Margaret bought me a copy of Made to Stick for Christmas, and since I’m only just warming up to the odd pursuit known as “reading” over the last week or so, I finished reading it a couple of days before I left for Pittsburgh. The book devotes itself to several moderately obvious premises (the authors…