Clueful in Toronto

The Globe and Mail urges the recording industries (music, movies) to adapt to the changing environment, rather than trying to make the environment conform to the specifications of their obsolescent business model.

Selling music on CDs is just a bad business model. Taking digital information, burning it onto a piece of plastic, wrapping that in several more layers of plastic, shipping it across the country to suburban malls, which customers are then expected to drive to so their musical taste can be sneered at by an 18-year-old sales clerk, is just not a system that makes sense any more.

A toast to columnist Ken Hunt!

(Now, about that annoying roll-down ad at the top of the page. . . .)

2 thoughts on “Clueful in Toronto

  1. I couldn’t agree with them more! The times of vinyl were the best – CD’s are extremely non-personal. I used to collect vinyl, but I just can’t do it anymore with CD’s. There should be a new format, something that would connect the listeners with the artist once again, instead of this mass enforcement of selling something that doesn’t really work, and nobody wants it. Time for a change.

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