LazyWeb Alert!

Now that Pippa has attained the age of discretion — that is, now that she’s exercising musical taste that doesn’t depend primarily on what Margaret and I prefer, and she has her own birthday iPod — the different iTunes libraries scattered among us are increasingly difficult to keep track of. So my idea for the LazyWeb is an application that would compare two (or more) iTunes library files, ascertain the differences, and (if the computers are connected) offer to reconcile the differences. Since I’m fantasizing here, I’ll propose that it offers the alternatives of an all-in-one two-way reconciliation, one-way reconciliation, or song-by-song one- or two-way reconciliation.

Shouldn’t be too hard to code, so while I’m driving north to see Josiah and his a capella cohort the “Desperate Measures” sing in concert tonight (video to be posted when I can), y’all just whip it together. I’ll check in later.

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