On the drive north, the fuse that controls the mirrors and cigarette lighter (apparently) on our 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback failed, and our fusebox doesn’t have the lid that displays what each fuse does. Does anyone know which fuse to replace, or where I’d find out? Google is not extremely helpful for this problem, sad to say.

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  1. Additional note about why this matters: a) AKMA always changes the side view mirrors to the wrong positions when it’s his turn to drive; and b) the computer plugs into the cigarette lighter so Pippa can watch a movie (with headphones) in the back seat. I’m sure you can all understand the importance of this fuse now! Thanks.

  2. 1) How about checking with the dealer?

    2) A trip to the library and get the Haines Manual for the car which will have a layout of the fuse box.

    3) Take a meter and check all the fuses.

    4) Caution!! They use a lot of fusistors.
    Good luck.

  3. Dear Charlie,

    I will look into Subaru dealers, but because I waited till the weekend to ask, and we’re leaving tomorrow morning, I doubt that I’ll learn what I need from a dealer.

    I will definitely look into this at the library, though the Atheneum probably doesn’t have a full catalogue of Haines manuals.

    I don’t have a meter, and I’m not sure what a fusistor is or why I should be careful — but now, I sure will be as careful as an ignorant guy like me can be.

  4. Though I haven’t found a fuse box diagram, I do know that both the power mirrors and cigarette lighter run on a 20 amp fuse. This should narrow down your choices. Depending on how many fuses you have to deal with, I’d simply pull each fuse marked with a 20 on the top and check to see if it is indeed burned out. A replacement should cost about $2.50.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks, Dan. I’ll look at the 20 amp fuses before we set out. Thanks for this tip!

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