Looking Back, Looking Forward

We had a lovely time visiting family this weekend. Mom arranged for us to stay in a guest house, which meant we could relax with a degree of insulation from holiday hurly-burly; as it turned out, the isolation was helpful since Pippa seems to have developed a cold.

Tomorrow morning we’ll leave Nantucket on the 7:45 boat, and will be home before rush hour (we hope). I’ll take a look at the fuse box, to see if any of the 20 amp fuses is blown, and if so, whether we have a spare right in the box.

I read Stephen Downes’s blog whenever I turn on my newsreader (sometimes I read by bookmarks from my browser, sometimes by RSS feeds in my newsreader); if I only had time to examine the posts to which he links, and to think over all that they say, I’d be much more au courant with educational technology. As things stand, I’ll point to these two posts that especially caught my attention. Great call-out line: “[W]hile the short term money is being bet on roadblocks, the long term money is still best bet on roads.”

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