More Lessons, More Carols

This morning we took Jeanne and Gail (and Laura and Nate and Si) to Princeton’s University Chapel for Trinity Church’s Christmas Lessons and Carols (we had Advent Lessons and Carols a few weeks ago). I was assigned seat-saving duty, so I arrived two hours early and stretched my personal effects out over seven seats. Then I wandered around the chapel taking pictures for my collection of illustrations of biblical/church-historical figures.

Princeton University Chapel: Melchisedek, Job

The University Chapel has an impressive collection of stained-glass images, from Pythagoras to Jonathan Edwards. If only I could get a better line of sight on them, with a steadier camera!
Of course, Pippa sang with the choir, dressed in her new black dress from Christmas time. She was not only lovely, but melodious, attentive, and harmonious too.

Pippa In Her New Dress

2 thoughts on “More Lessons, More Carols

  1. I looked at that window on the right and thought, “Tor? Who’s Tor? Maybe I should have stuck with that Hebrew class.”

    Then I realized it was just the angle of the shot playing tricks with Job’s name.

  2. Those windows have fantastic detailing. So much stained glass nowadays tend to be simple geometric, bulky patterns. These windows are artistic wonders.

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