One of my Christmas gifts this year was a new hard drive — and I’ve spent much of the past few days backing up, reorganizing, archiving, weeding, and so on. In the course of giving up and loading all my photos into iPhoto, I observed that iPhoto’s “gargantuan library bulge” problem hadn’t been resolved since I last tried it as an archiving tool.

On a whim, I thought I might upload my photos to Flickr, mark them as private, and see how close I came to my monthly upload limit. Only then did I notice that Flickr had removed all bandwidth limits for Pro accounts; I can upload everything, archive it there, mark it “private,” and only flip selected photos to “public.” I’m a shade uneasy about relying on a service whose terms are subject to non-negotiated changes, but it does solve a swarm of storage problems.

Anyway, if you see some old photos cascading through my Flickr feed, that’s why.

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