Plus One

Josiah’s home from college, looking well and strong and tall. He and Pippa and I spent yesterday afternoon braving the wilds of Princeton-area shopping locations, looking to fill the holes in our gift-giving inside straights. We work well together, had a good time, and covered most of what we needed to.
We’re expecting Nate and Laura on the day after Christmas, and Jennifer will come home who-knows-when, but this townhouse that seems quite spacious when it’s just Margaret and Pippa and me will soon be brimful of family (and eventually we’re taking the show on the road to visit Holly and my Dad and Susan in a rented van).
As Maxwell Smart used to say, “And loving it!”

1 thought on “Plus One

  1. Fascinating, I never knew there was a person named Maxwell Smart. One of Gabby’s best friends at doggy day care is named Maxwell Smart and I just thought it was a clever name. Alas, I am not so smart as Maxwell, it would seem. (The Maxwell Smart I know can be seen here (as can the All-Adorable Gabby).

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