The days are getting longer! At last!
Meanwhile, David’s description of the return of Open Source Radio gets it just right — “more naturally than ever, in Web-only form.” It hadn’t clicked with me before, but after Chris started his interview series as podcasts, something seemed off-kilter about his moving the show to radio.
There was something else I meant to link to. When I remember what, I’ll delete this paragraph.
That’s what it was! Jon Armstrong’s very clear, extensive description of what it’s like to live with a someone who has serious chronic depression. Add that to Heather’s own perspective, posted a couple of weeks ago, and you get a moving sense of what this life entails. My own experience differs from Jon’s — every depression is different, every spouse is different, every relationship is different — but these two essays convey a vivid picture of what your experience might be somewhat different from. For a variety of reasons, I’ve become a contact for people who need a crash course in depression and its ramifications; these are now highly recommended reading for that course. (I don’t require anything of anyone who’s coming to grips with this particular beast.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing those last two links, they gave me a lot to think about, and research more.

    I suffer from depression and social anxiety disorder. I did not do well with the many drugs my doctor played ‘trial and error’ with, on me. So for now, I’m fighting the good fight without them, and with Heidi’s help, we’re making slow yet positive progress. My developing arthritis condition has been an annoying spanner in the works, but we’re doing good, and I try to keep a positive outlook!

    I do think about how tough it must be for Heidi and Alison to deal with me sometimes, but thankful that they are both strong enough and more than willing to push on beside me. We work together to make it through tough periods, and I keep a strict schedule with some of the things that help. I take walks, I use my online game to keep me cool (believe it or not), and diet and other things are also helping. We’re going forward, taking baby steps here.

    Thanks again for those two links, I have them bookmarked and will be reading a lot more. It has left a new path for me that is giving me a good feeling, I think I’d like to further inspect. 😉

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