Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve been watching my CPU load closely for the past week or so, and have noticed that some mysterious process occasionally takes over my processor and claims more than half of my capacity, and won’t let go. It involves AppleScript; the process is osascript, and it doesn’t make clear what launched it or what would complete it. Emory speculates that it’s a Folder Action, though I can’t think of a likely candidate (I haven’t set up any Folder Actions of my own, so it would be either an Apple-issued script or something that an application has installed. Any nominations would be welcome; in the meantime, I just watch out for it and kill it when it starts hogging memory.

3 thoughts on “Anyone? Bueller?

  1. Won’t be a folder action – those are handled by System

    To find out what launched osascript, go into Activity, select the osascript process, and hit Cmd-I to inspect it.


  2. It seems to be a python script of some sort — at least, that’s how the “Information” command identifies it. For the time being, I just leave Activity Monitor running, and whenever I see osascript claim 50% of my memory, I kill it. If someone figures out how to prevent that process starting in the first place, so much the better — but for now, my computing experience has been enhanced significantly (albeit laboriously).

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