Amateur Stockpicking

Looks as though Apple’s stock has been wandering downward for the first several days after MacWorld. We have no money to invest — you know, having hardly any at all — but if I were an invester I’d start gobbling up Apple stock right about now. The MacBook Air looks like a winner to me, once the quibblers get over the trade-offs. Even if it doesn’t make an instant tidal wave, it will change the category of ultra-portable notebooks. The upgrade to the iPhone and iPod Touch will strengthen those lines. Leopard is mature and Apple is building on its capacities (with Time Capsule, for instance). AppleTV looks like a real product now.
I have to think that between now and mid-2008, Apple will reward investors. Of course, if you invest on the advice of a theologian who stepped out of computer graphics in 1983 because he doubted there was a future in it, that’s your own bad judgment.

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