Omnipresent Yet Elusive

Someone in our household — I will not name names — has fallen under the spell of the theme music They Might Be Giants recorded for Dunkin Donuts ads, “Things I Like to Do” (this year’s 30-second version, not the 2006 60-second version). I offered to track it down online, but have been able to come up only with the Flash animation on the commercial site I linked to above.
I discovered that many other people appreciate the jingle too (and many detest it), but I found no one, legitimate or il-, who makes the jingle available for download.
I’m sure there’s a sophistication at work that I fail to grasp, but if I were advertising a donut chain and our jingle had a fan base of even meager scope, I’d be thrilled to give (or, if I could get away with it, “sell”) them mp3s of our advertising theme.

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