Stromateis du Jour

  • Sarah Vowell contributed a glorious column on Martin Luther King to the Monday New York Times
  • The world’s flags graded for their vexillological aesthetics. As a student of heraldry and vexillology, I appreciated the author’s critical approach, though I’m less troubled than said author by some design decisions. I don’t disapprove of including “things” on flags, so long as they’re not overly detailed or fussy. Yes, points off for using letters on a flag (though the design of the Saudi flag may appeal to me as a non-Arabic reader, I’m quite ignorant of what it says and I’d never be able to produce a Saudi flag if the occasion required one).
  • PDF Hammer looks useful. Not sure how I’d use it, but I want to remember it’s there.
  • Likewise the online teleprompter app.
  • Ha! Wrangled a single-page book layout from Pages (version 1, which I hope may be even better if we upgrade to a more recent version).
  • My processor is very happy now that I’ve exorcised the cycle-hungry JunkMatcher script from its subconscious. I hardly ever push the processor load over 60%, where the script was hogging more than 50% just by itself.
  • Wrangled single-page book layout from Mellel, too. Unfortunately, both Mellel and Pages reproduce the weird Apple margin+margin problem when I export them to PDF; looks like NeoOffice wins this round (though I wish it offered stronger typographical controls).

2 thoughts on “Stromateis du Jour

  1. Well, what I would use cueprompter for is videocasting. One of the constant problems of video blogging scripted content (like a mini-lecture, or even just something where you wanted to control the length or not forget a topic) is that you have to look down at your notes. No longer. A great app. Thanks for the link.

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