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Margaret sent me to the Verizon store yesterday because the microphone on my cell phone no longer works. I didn’t come away with an audible sell, because the very patient Verizon franchisee explained that I wasn’t eligible for a new phone till April 8 — at which time I could receive a “free” phone if I re-upped for another two-year contract. I could, of course, buy a new phone at retail price, which would run about $150. “OK,” I asked, “without disrespect to your helpful service, what if I wanted to switch carriers?” Well, if I switched before August 8, I’d owe Verizon $175.
Now, I’m sure there’s someone out there savvier than I about the ways of the telco oligopolies. What would you suggest that I do? You can either leave a comment, or email me, or you can text me at my cell p[hone number.

4 thoughts on “Asking Around

  1. AKMA,

    Take a look at: It appears that for less than $50 you could pick up an unlocked phone (LG VX8700) that will work on the Verizon network. This would allow you to have a working phone while you decide whether or not to change carriers.

    Of course the devil is in the details. Not sure if VZW will charge to activate the new phone (typically $35) or if there is a cost to port your # to the new phone. Or your address book. Or how long it will take. Best bet is to call a local store or corporate and see what they will do given your circumstances and that you have found the phone. Don’t you just love the “free market”?

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  3. C. Davies! What a stroke of brilliance! I’ll fish the headset out of the car and set right to business!

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