My installation of Leopard seems stable at this point, and I’m missing only a few passwords and registrations, so far as I can tell. (Whoops! I forgot to add an email account for disseminary.org; oh well. . . .)
I’ve had a lot of helpful feedback on the phone topic. Shelley emailed me, then posted, some extensive directions on playing hardball with mobile phone companies. Trevor and Kevin have offered disused Verizon-credentialed phones, while Bruce sent me to an online phone store, and Tom suggested picking up a substitute Verizon-OK model at a Big Box retailer. I’ll probably take up one of these suggestions, but I’m more irked than ever that I can’t just select a server and a phone manufacturer based on the quality and price of their services — rather than participating in a bizarre, anti-competitive hazing ritual to get phone service.

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