Doesn’t Follow

Does the Clinton campaign’s illogical propaganda bother anyone else? I keep hearing that Obama shouldn’t be nominated because he hasn’t won a primary in one of the big states (NY, TX, OH, CA). But in those states, Obama wasn’t running against John McCain — he was running against Hillary Clinton, and if he can draw the preponderance of Democratic primary delegates even without winning those states, I would think it makes him all the more strong a candidate in November, when his opponent won’t be a very-similar Democrat, but a very-different Republican.

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Follow

  1. It is strange. Her entire platform of ad hominem of Obama as the one with less experience is particularly suspect. Then again, even weirder is the argument that he is an eloquent speaker and nothing more. She has never once established her legitimacy in the face of those attacks. There is just a lot of substance lacking in her campaign. The entire advert of the phone call was an odd one and Saturday Night Live’s parody of it was great.

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