It’s not exactly a commonplace strictu sensu, but I can never remember the title of this Cat and Girl comic when I want to look for it.
I was reading an article in Inside Higher Education that cited Malebranche as saying, “Attentiveness is the natural prayer of the soul”; that seemed worthy of remembering, but because I’m fussy about things such as that, I opted to Google the phrase to find precisely where Malebranche said it, if I could. Lo and behold, I see those words attributed not only to Malebranche, but also to Paul Celan, Simone Weil, and Walter Benjamin (presumably based on their having quoted Malebranche) and to “a smart guy quoted in an Edward Hirsch book.” Now, of course, I’m curious to track down precisely what Malebranche wrote, where, and how that was mediated to this intriguing coterie of intellectuals.

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