I’ve Said It Differently But

Maggi appositely cites Dorothy Sayers:

You would be ashamed to know as little about internal combustion as you know about Christian beliefs. I admit, you can practise Christianity without knowing much theology, just as you can drive a car without knowing much about internal combustion. But when something breaks down in the car, you go humbly to the man who understands the works; whereas if something goes wrong with religion, you merely throw the works away and tell the theologian he is a liar.

Now I have to track down the specific source of the quotation.
Ah! Paul has reproduced the whole letter (which I find less convincing, alas, than the excerpt) and duly notes the uncertainty regarding its provenance. And it turns out that Fred has more context, and a more satisfying rationale for the peremptory tone.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Said It Differently But

  1. Hi AKMA, I think I found it in the volumes of her letters, somewhere around the fourth volume? but I also read various other bits of stuff about her at the same time, so I could be mistaken…

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