I’ve been listening to Lou Reed’s two albums about life and death, Magic & Loss (good NYTimes review) and Songs for Drella (NYT review, but I think “Hello It’s Me’ works very well, thank you).

Prof. Donald G. Adam

Obituary from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Obituary from the Sunday Post-Gazette Obituary from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Obituary from Chatham College     Donald G. Adam, Professor Emeritus of English Literature at Chatham College, died early Wednesday morning at UPMC Shadyside Hospital. He had been hospitalized for treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.   Dr. Adam was born in…

Be Prepared

If you’re a sentimental sort of person whose father died yesterday, you may want to keep alert for any unanticipated audition of Annie Lennox’s performance of “Into the West,” from The Return of the King, lest you dissolve into weepy sobs — as I did.

Donald G Adam

My father died this morning at about 2 AM. I was able to spend an hour with him after we arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday evening.   My family and I have been very deeply touched by your prayers and your expressions of sympathy. God bless us, every one.