Step Two

Yesterday afternoon, I received my contract in the mail. For the coming academic year, I will serve as Visiting Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect with my doctoral alma mater, for Margaret to have a base in Durham while she finishes up her dissertation, for all three of us to spend a year among wonderful friends, and of course it’s among the top two or three theological schools in the country.
I expect to be teaching all exegetical courses — a marked change from Seabury, where I rarely had the chance to teach exegesis and mostly taught intro courses. On the other hand, it means immersing myself in John’s Gospel, Romans, Luke, and 1 Corinthians (unless there’s an unanticipated change). No committee or administrative work, and I’ll probably look into the possibility of participating in a hermeneutics reading group, if there’s any interest.
Now, we have to get Margaret’s contract squared away, and find a place to live. But next year’s destination is set.

25 thoughts on “Step Two

  1. Congratulations, AKMA! That’s great news. And (you probably know this already, but) you’ll get to be with Garrett-Evangelical’s beloved Sujin Pak-Boyer, who will be starting there in the fall — also her doctoral alma mater. Sad for Evanston, but kudos for Duke!

  2. Congratulations. I’m glad things are getting settled, and that you can look to the future more securely. I’m sure it’s a great relief.

  3. AKMA, that is tremendous news. Truly. Wonderful. God bless you, sir, and uphold Duke Divinity for The AKMA approacheth!

  4. Great news, AKMA! Wonderful to be able to go where you are truly valued and warmly welcomed. Hope it’s good news for Pippa and Margaret too. May there be some relief amid the chaos.

  5. Yee Haa

    Awesome, very happy for all of you. It was so sad, but not surprising, to note your resignation from Seabury. I am thrilled for the students at Duke, and for you and your family

  6. Congratulations – that sounds exciting. Oh to be the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ – or an actual Divinity student at Duke.

  7. Woo Hoo! Glad to hear that.

    Although, honestly, I AM disappointed that you didn’t apply at UM or MSU; after all, you were the one who pointed out that those two places were indeed east of Spokane.

  8. Mazel tov! . . . and, as for the ‘recreption area’ I’m hoping the plaque ends up on eBay soon! A great fundraiser for Seabury!

  9. I’m thrilled you’ll be at Duke, and that we get some of Margaret’s time as well!! What a treat for us. And I’d love to be part of a hermeneutics reading group. I am sorry your journey of late has been so full of loss. I hope you are feeling the prayers and love that surround you.

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