Step Three

Looks like we’re on a roll — this afternoon Margaret got the phone call that our application for a lease on a Durham house was accepted. We now have mailing addresses in four states: Evanston, Princeton, Durham, and Mystery City. Supply lines are getting longer and harder to maintain, as George Carlin said.
We have a home on Gregson Street, less than a mile from the bus stop that will take me to West Campus to the Divinity School, and just across the intersection from Margaret’s grad-school compatriot Sarah. We have a manageable time for getting goods from Evanston to Durham, and — granted (for the first time in our marriage since I started seminary in 1983) the two incomes that we’ll have once Margaret’s contract kicks in — a reasonable rent. We have wonderful friends in the area, and I have a good (if temporary) job. Now, if I can only bear down on the writing front. . . .

6 thoughts on “Step Three

  1. Gah! You sound more military with all those addresses than some military members I know.

    Congratulations on another step forward!

  2. All of these steps remind me of infomercials: “I am SO confidant in my seven step plan to getting a job in theology that I will let YOU try it absolutely risk-free for thirty days! Side affects may include muttering bits of the New Testament, speaking in tongues, and, in extremely rare cases, vomiting”

  3. in extremely rare cases, vomiting

    Do not take except under the supervision of a theologian.

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