I don’t like slime when it’s thrown by Democrats any more than when it’s thrown by Republicans, but this weekend Margaret and I had a frightening experience that Fred Thompson’s speech yesterday brought back to my mind. On Sunday, we ended up talking to somebody (it’s a long story) who warned us that Barack Obama had proposed legislation to the effect that parents could “abort” a baby for up to thirty days after birth. We expressed some skepticism, but the context made it clear that this was an occasion for pastoral concern, rather than forensics.
But when Fred Thompson suggests that Obama thinks that “protection of the unborn or a newly born baby is above his pay grade,” it sounds top me an awful lot as though there’s an unstated appeal to unconscionably vile allegations against Obama. I’d like to think that such rank, malicious falsehood were beneath the principles of Republicans, particularly those who promote themselves as “Christian” and “straight-talking” — but unfortunately, such Rovian tatics have worked for them before.

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  1. The other piece is that Obama’s response was to the question of when life begins it was not about protection of life which he also admitted was more complex than a yes or no answer.

  2. The problem is that they are not “unconscionably vile allegations against Obama” nor is it a malicious falsehood. Thompson was referring to the fact that Obama did indeed vote against Illinois’ “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” This was a state version of the national act that protected those infants born alive after a failed attempt at a late term abortion. Suggesting that it was legislation that would allow an abortion up to 30 days after birth is ludicrous, but Obama will have to answer for his record and he did vote against this act.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Chris; I am not surprised (though I am saddened) to learn about the factual nugget behind the rhetoric.
    I’ll stand by the “unconscionably vile allegation” tag for people (like our interlocutor the other day) who suggest that Obama would legalize killing thirty-day-old infants, though.

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