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Pippa and I went to the Toyota and Hyundai dealerships today, where we spent most of our time looking at a 2006 Corolla (on one hand) and a 2009/08 Aspect (on the other). We may go look around at some other lots, too, but we should come to a decision before too long. Advice is welcome.

7 thoughts on “Looking At Cars

  1. I cannot speak for either model you mention specifically; however, we are on our second Toyota, and have found them to be the most consistently reliable cars we have ever owned (Meanwhile, the GMC is currently in the process of having its transmission overhauled. We are thankful for extended warranties).

  2. i have had a ’99 corolla for about a decade with nary a shop visit besides regular maintenance and it is just fine. except that everything plastic on its outside no longer exists, nor does its a/c, but that’s not toyota’s fault, that’s florida! the sun eats the plastic, including the plastic fasteners holding on the plastic pieces, and it just disintegrates. (not having garages here doesn’t help either.) so, at 128,000 miles, i’m looking forward to driving my disreputable-looking junker for another decade–a good thing!

  3. My wife and I became Toyota converts a few years ago. Cars for life. Doubt I will buy another make ever again. I have an ’04 Corolla that I bought certified pre-owned and it handle my 1000 foot climb up a mountain every day – even in winter where it’s snow covered from late December through February.

  4. Our morning paper had a report that Consumer Reports indicates that the Scion had the highest reliability followed by a list that included Honda, Toyota, Acura and Lexus.

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