Today’s presentation at the Div School went very well, I thought; some of the group resisted the very notion of churches engaging with digital technology, and others expressed cautious interest in what that would entail. Roger Loyd was there, whom I knew to expect to be on top of the sorts of issues I care about. Jo Wells, who invited me, of course knew roughly where I was headed. Several students from my classes came, and knew that I wasn’t a dangerous madman, so they listened and participated helpfully.
I don’t expect, any more, that much will come of any particular presentation I give. It did seem, though, as if the people there recognized the possible value of a critical embrace of digital technology — even if that brings disorienting transformative change along with it.
Coincidentally, the proofs for my interview in WE magazine (which also supplied the title — “Spirits In A Digital World” — for the talk I gave) came by email today.

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