Two Of Note

While I gnaw my fingernails watching Duke’s men’s basketball team in overtime, I’ll point to two posts of interest.
The first comes from Blambot Fonts, the home of more professional-quality comics type designs than you can shake a stick at (many of which they give away for free). Nate Piekos lays out the conventions of comics discourse and punctuation in a single concise page. It’s a prescriptivist piece, as it were, and more adventuresome souls will demur at Piekos’s rules, but transgressive artists need something to transgress, and Piekos supplies the rules to transgress. I’ll add this over at Beautiful Theology, too, to keep that a link tank for my hermeneu-semiotico-theological topics. (Hat tip, Language Log.)
Then, for the techno-visionary follow-up to Thursday’s talk at Duke, I’ll commend Jo Guldi’s post on the digital future of scholarly journals. Tom polemicizes against the ivory barbed wire that the custodians of scholarly knowledge deploy to maintain their intellectual property; Guldi provides a fulsome account of what might happen if scholarly journals construed their mission as dissemination, rather than taxidermy.
Whew, Duke won. It was ugly, but as my late father used to say, “They’re all line drives in the scorebook.”

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