I finally got the section off that obstinate Spors glass-nib fountain pen. I cleaned out the remnants of the old sac, and it’s ready for replacement as soon as I can order a sac of the appropriate size (the Spors turns out to take a very narrow ink sac). But in all its fluorescent marbled red glory, this pen will write!

2 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. And you did it with only a hair dryer? I’m going to have to try to fix my Spors as well- I had plunked it into the “dip pen” category from the get go after everything I’ve read.

    The only problem? We don’t even own a hair dryer. To the store!

    (hope the fpn/blog cross-fert is kosher!)

  2. OK, Aaron, I’ll confess that I did masticate the section, out of my indignant frustration that the durn thing wasn’t budging. I’d bet with better section pliers, though, you could get it off. I just held it over the dryer for a long-ish stretch (“High” setting) multiple times, and after about an hour of cumulative heating-and-twisting, the thing gave up and came off. Now I just have to track down an appropriate ink sac for it, and get the nib back into a snug fit (it fell out while the section was hot, and now it only goes partway back in).

    It’s a nearly luminous pink, though; I wouldn’t have believed that such a shade was manufactured before the sixties. Plus, it’s my only crescent filler. It’ll be fun to get going.

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