Status Stromateis

I expect to finish a job application today (I did most of it yesterday), a rather intricate online application with terms that seem to have originated from the Legal department rather than the Intelligible Discourse department. When I’m applying for a handful of jobs in the fall (prime time for academic job hunting), popping an inquiry into the mail isn’t so big a deal; but when I have only six weeks of employment left, and it’s barren time for academic job-hunting, each application exacts a particularly high cost in stress and energy.
I stayed up late to watch the end of The Barchester Chronicles. Now more than ever, I’m a sucker for a good happy ending.
Pippa and I talked about Mother’s Day earlier this week, and we decided that that holiday always falls closer to the middle of the month. We therefore concluded that we had ten days to tihnk of ways to honor our (grand)mother(s). As the kids on the internet say, “FAIL.” We’re thinking improvisationally.
Clyppan looks interesting; I frequently find that I have more than one item to cut-and-paste at a time. I’m a registered iClip user, but I’ll probably test-drive the freeware Clyppan to compare.
The New York Times reports — shocked, shocked! — that people tend to overestimate their own probity. When papers and psychologist assert this, it evidently counts as “news.” When theologians assert it, we’re accused of guilt-mongering. (To be fair, we do not always emphasize the finding that the stronger the profession of sanctity, the greater likelihood that the subject will fall short — although that also seems to be a function of plain math as much as empirical or spiritual insight.)

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  1. I thought Barchester Chronicles was just terrific. I also recommend The Pallisers when you get a chance. Considerably longer series.

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