Mennonite Friends

Trevor is taking to the social networks on behalf of his friend Tim, who patches together a living from a variety of sources, one if which is blogging for The Mennonite. The Mennonite decided to lay him off to save some money; Tim has turned it around, by seeking instead to raise ad revenue for the paper by encouraging people to subscribe to the weekly email digest from The Mennonite.
Now, one on hand, I fully understand anybody’s not wanting to ask for more impersonal email of any sort; keeping myself at Inbox = 0 is a constant battle for me. But for some whimsical reason, I’m even more sympathetic to someone whose livelihood is threatened in this Great Recession. I’m going to the link whereat one can subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

1 thought on “Mennonite Friends

  1. Well, is it almost time to stop linking anything to Trevor’s name? the man who sat around pondering hypertext before most of us peers knew what it was? the same man who laid such an imperative on my shoulders around my organization blogging that i felt my understanding of the world was at stake? I knew when the overhaul on his blog did not include timestamps, it was basically over. Perhaps this is a public cyber-care-fronting… or a lament.
    Sorry for the OT comment, AKMA… this has been brewing for a bit.

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