This Could Happen To You

Attention, parents: the wee little children whom we raised from potato-sized lumps (or, in Si’s case, a potato-sack sized lump) are growing up! In fact — and this is the vital headline — just a week from Saturday, Josiah will be getting married!
As a public service announcement to the parents of small children who read this blog (you know who you are), be alert! This could happen to you!

7 thoughts on “This Could Happen To You

  1. A.J. has repeatedly and earnestly declared his intention to live with his mother and me forever, forsaking other attachments. (Without prompting from us. Believe me.)

  2. Not us, either. Sure, one seems to have moved right into adolescence, but *it’s all stopping right there*.

  3. I read this warning too late…. This morning, my practically-newborn little girl was confirmed. Really, it was only about a week ago (not 14 years!) when I brought her home from the hospital. How do you stop this??

  4. that little girl of ours who bloggers adorned with birthday presents from when she was 4 going on 5 is off to middle school in 8 weeks. TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT STOP!

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