So, in the original oh-so-naïve plan, I’d have been on my way to Scotland today. Alas, I didn’t discover the requirement that I supply two different verifications of my last year’s income, so my thousand-dollar visa application was rejected.
After kicking the topic around for several days with relevant representatives of the Glasgow team, it was decided that I should make a fresh thousand-dollar application, starting over. I’ve sent out requests for all the right documents, and yesterday Margaret and I conjured up a plan for getting me to a center for processing my fingerprints; this one is located in Lawrence, Mass., the nearest location with the earliest available appointment. We made a hotel reservation in Hyannis, cause we couldn’t get a rental car for Sunday; I’d pick up the car first thing tomorrow, and drive to Lawrence, give my biometrics, drive back to Hyannis, and rejoin Margaret and Pippa.
It turns out that the Lawrence biometric center,
unlike the Hartford center where I gave prints the first time, which wanted none of my paperwork, the Lawrence center requires that I bring all of my supporting documents — some of which haven’t arrived yet. So I just cancelled the motel reservation (too late for a refund, so we’re paying for a night I won’t be sleeping there), we’re about to postpone the rental car, and change the ferry tickets. We’re guessing that all the docs will be here by Thursday.
It’s a pretty maddening, dispiriting experience.

6 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I’ve been following the saga. How frustrating just when you were getting to look forward to new work and new students and a whole new adventure. Hope that the bureaucratic nightmare part of the adventure ends soon and that you will be on your way!

  2. Dear Akma
    Oh what a pain. I am sorry that this is your beginning of a relationship with the UK :-(. The only thing I can say to reassure – no one is on campus just now. The place is sleeping in anticipation of the madness that comes in a month’s time. So if you were here, you’d only have those of us who just can’t leave the confines of the campus for fear that when we return the library will have been stolen.

    Beyond the bureaucratic panopticon, I look forward very much to finally meeting you.

    (ps by the time you get here, the St Mary’s choir should be back from it’s summer rest, so at least some good music on a Sunday. Not sure how much consolation that is….)

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