Notes from IHE

Noteworthy stories on notes-sharing software and websites and self-paced, quiz, based online instruction. I don’t suppose that either of these heralds the new, jetpack-included, hyper-ultra-definitive Wave of Future Education, but both show people responding to a new technology by using it (well) to do what it’s good at. No, online quizzes do not replace seminars (“replacement panic” again) — but they provide a functional, apparently effective way of improving users’ recollection of particular sorts of knowledge. That’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Notes from <cite>IHE</cite>

  1. Speaking of out of the box education, one site I’m a fan of is LiveMocha. They host user designed foreign language instruction. It’s really quite good, though there’s always the risk of getting a sloppy or poorly designed unit. But you run that risk with textbooks anyhow.

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