Several Points

1. Cory notes the fulfillment of what many of us have been saying all along. “Free on the web” drives people to want the (better-quality, value-added) paid-for versions of books and performances.
2. Margaret left this morning. I’ll see her again at the end of next week, then (after I leave for Scotland) not for several months. I do not recommend this plan to others. We have been through comparable intervals of mutual absence before, and it’s always sad. As Scripture saith, “It is not good for adam to be alone.”
3. Got the lectionary essay off my desk. Sermon tomorrow. Then I begin prepping my courses and working out the papers I’ll present at the conference in New Orleans.
4. The U.K. Embassy began processing my visa application yesterday; that means it almost certainly won’t be ready in time for my next-weekend flight to Scotland. I understand how both the embassy and the airline operate; I do wish, however, that there were a way to order a combo platter of permission-to-enter and means-of-transport.
5. I love Sunday mornings at Christ Church. At the same time, I predict that after leading three services and preaching at two, I’ll be knocked out tomorrow afternoon.

1 thought on “Several Points

  1. No. 2 is simultaneously moving and funny. Yvonne and I lived apart for a year, and I sympathize with your sadness. I wish you well in Glasgow, AKMA. Will you be back to the states for SBL?

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