Coming Attractions

I’m looking over the story from today’s New York Times, to see which parts of Glasgow I ought to visit soonest. I’ll be living relatively near the Botanic Gardens and the Oran Mor whiskey bar. (Numerous people have asked about my taste in whiskey; I will confess to all that I have a perfectly unformed palate in this regard, although one doubts that I will be as innocent after a few months living in Scotland.) The Kelvingrove Art Gallery sounds magnificent, and I’ll be sure to examine the Dr. Who exhibit in honor of Mark. And sooner or later, I’m bound to explore the Barras Market, to see whether there are any fountain pens…. (Thanks to Raewynne and my sister Holly for the pointer!)

2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. Do I understand correctly that I can use the BBC online to view past seasons of Dr. Who? Cause I’ve only seen one or two episodes so far. If I can watch the full cavalcade of Who episodes, I’ll appreciate the exhibition more fully.

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